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I grew up in a small town in Texas. At age 21, my world fell apart when my big brother died. I buried my heart with him and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of becoming a trial lawyer. By the time I made partner 20 years later, I thought I had it all – a six-figure salary, a high-rise condo, a sports car, designer clothes, and a pretty bad drinking habit.


Find out how I broke my negative habits and became a transformational coach to help others in my past situation.

After a series of unhealthy relationships, I realized the common denominator was me. With this insight, I began a journey of self-discovery.


As part of this journey, I was informed I suffered from various trauma-related issues, including love addiction, people-pleasing, co-dependency, perfectionism, parentification, borderline obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self-esteem, lack of self-love, complex PTSD, poor body image, anxiety, fear of abandonment, fear of commitment and fear of intimacy. I was totally unaware the traumatic experiences had left my heart broken which blocked my ability to give and receive love.

I made a solemn vow to heal my broken heart. I resigned from the law firm, sold the condo, the sports car, moved (several times), and reconnected with my higher power. After several years of research, therapy, and self-examination, I learned that at the core of my being was the unconscious belief I was not good enough; a belief formed during childhood as a result of trauma. This unconscious belief resulted in repetition compulsion which caused me to reenact the same traumatic experiences from childhood with different actors to reinforce my subconscious belief I was unloveable.

With the assistance of various modalities, I healed the effects of the trauma and the inner wounds that triggered feelings of unworthiness any time something negative happened. The greatest transformation occurred when I stopped looking for love and validation outside of myself and discovered the Divine within my heart.

Today, I am happier than I could have ever imagined. I love and appreciate the unique person I was created to be, and that love flows from me out into the world. Looking back, I realized this process would have unfolded a lot quicker if someone with the same type of experience had been available to guide me along the way.


This realization motivated me to become a transformational life coach so I could use my experience to help others overcome feelings of unworthiness, discover their inner power and transform their lives within a period of months rather than years. I look forward to supporting you on your path toward healing and transformation. 

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