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Gina Leago, JD, ACC, CLC, CSC
Transformational Life Coach



My name is Gina Leago

Experience has taught me that the most common barrier to love is an unconscious belief of not being good enough. I believe love is the answer to life problems and that our task is not to seek love but to remove the barriers inside of us that block it. Through several years of research, therapy, and self-examination, I was able to heal my own feelings of unworthiness. This led to the discovery that there is a tremendous power available to each of us which we can use to obtain all that we desire in life.


Once I realized how many people are unaware of this miracle-making power, it became my mission to help others overcome feelings of unworthiness, discover their inner power, and transform their lives. It would be an honor and a privilege to guide you on your journey  toward discovering the Divine within. Godspeed.

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“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” -Budhha

Our Program

Heal the Past

Most of us are unaware we have negative beliefs and thought patterns blocking us from the abundant life that is our birthright. These beliefs and patterns are usually formed during childhood and become defense mechanisms. I help clients identify limiting beliefs, eliminate negative thought patterns, and heal from the experiences that created them.

Discover the Self

We are all born with a unique gift to deliver to the world. Fulfillment comes from delivering that gift. The most important goal in life is to find out what your gift is. Through the use of certain tools and techniques, you will discover who you really are and what gift you have to offer so you can align with it and experience more fulfillment.

Awaken the Power Within

There is a tremendous power inside each of us. It waits silently for you to discover it. It is an inner knowing that can lead you step by step to the next place in your life. Understanding this power and how to connect to it is the key to success. Transformational coaching helps reveal this inner power and how to use it to attract what you want into your experience.

Develop the Soul

The soul is the spirit of God in each of us. It is the essence of who you are rather than who the world told you to be. Before you can step into your greatness, you must figure out who you really are so that you know what it is you truly desire.

Recondition the Mind
Part of figuring out who you are includes discovering the beliefs held in your unconscious mind because those beliefs influence what shows up in your life. As Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”


Transform Your Life
Transformation is the result of removing negative beliefs in the unconscious mind and healing from the life experiences that caused those beliefs. This allows you to access the Divine Mind and create the life you really want.


“As a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be.” -Proverbs 23:7


Our Services

Pilar Pino

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“I have spent several years with a psychologist, however, there were many issues that didn’t heal and that I did not overcome.

After working with Gina, I understood for the first time the root of my problems. Anxiety and behavioral problems are some of the issues that I am mastering for the first time in 40 years. I am so grateful for Gina for guiding me through this healing path.”


Ashley Brickell

Santa Monica, California

“Gina has changed my life remarkably!

Her loving energy and ability to relate to my feelings has provided a safe place to really examine my thoughts and patterns that no longer serve me.


Her insight has taught me to live life with a new perspective and an optimism I hadn’t had before.

I am full of gratitude for Gina and her gift of healing! Thanks Gina!”


Brooke Pomerantz

New York, New York

“Gina has helped me look at things in a completely different perspective, allowing me grow and become the best version of myself. She guided me through difficult times from my past and helped me recover while also setting goals for myself so I can create a successful future.

She is an amazing life coach with her ability to listen and use the issues I have faced as a positive learning experience to help me heal and grow.”


Miranda Filippini

London, UK

“My experience and reviews on Gina Leago’s coaching sessions are extremely positive. Throughout our sessions I gained a lot of confidence in myself and was able to leave behind many past issues I had unconsciously been holding on to throughout the years.

This was possible thanks to Gina´s way of working and the way she prepares every session, programmed and adapted to the client’s needs.

She is an excellent professional who can give you many tools in order to heal, achieve future goals and to stay positive, among many other capacities. 

Her help made me experience a before and after on my mind set.

I am very grateful for her services and would recommend her coaching sessions 100%.”


Tonya Ray

Dallas, Texas

“The work I have done with Gina has truly been transformational!

I have seen counselors before, but never had the help of someone who could take me to the root of my fears and anxieties. In the past, I could identify these issues but could not address or control them. Gina teaches practical steps that have completely changed the way I look at the past, present and future. I am more positive and peaceful and I now know how to deal with my thoughts and self-talk in constructive ways.


To sum it up, the tools Gina gives are invaluable for anyone who wants to upgrade their peace, joy and confidence!”


Rick Colby

Austin, Texas

"Gina comes from a place of love, support, and acceptance. She has a rare gift for listening, hearing not only what I’m saying but what I’m not saying, and then using her extraordinary intuition and insight to guide me on a path toward a happier and more fulfilling life. From her I’m learning how to harness a power within me I didn’t know I had.

I’m blessed to have Gina as my life coach.”


We offer scholarships for virtual coaching to any person active in a 12 step program.
Please contact us for further information.


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